My hands quivered as I continued to ponder the most important decision I would ever have to make. I had weighed the options thousands of times, calculating each possible outcome with the utmost scrutiny, playing the scenarios over and over again in my head. “It has to be done,” the devil on my shoulder would reason. “If you don’t execute these savages, who will? They’ll initiate a reign of terror that will continue for God knows how long, and your people will suffer at their hands. If you don’t go through with this, you’re no better than the enemy.” His advice, though harsh and unforgiving, brought up some valid points. That’s not to say the angel on my other shoulder didn’t follow suit, though. “Please spare them, I beg of you!” the holy messenger cried. “This isn’t just some morbid coin flip! Tens of thousands of lives are at stake! Do you really want your palms painted with the blood of innocent human beings!? You’ll never forgive yourself!” So there I was, conflicted with two valid arguments for one history-changing decision still to be made. I was torn, and no shred of logic I used seemed to make enough sense as to convince me to choose the fate of thousands. I drew the handkerchief from my suit pocket and wiped the sweat from my brow as a knock came at the door. “Come in, is it time already? I hadn’t even noticed,” I lied through my teeth as I had done to the public so many times before. “Yes Mr. President, we need an answer now,” the Secretary of Defense replied hastily. “Immediate action is imperative. Are we or are we not nuking Dallas?” CHOOSE YOUR PLOT: