I believe that the best thing a Brand can offer is a feeling.

So I focus on working closely with multidisciplinary teams to find solutions to design and brand problems that are rooted in strategic insights, embrace creative concepts and while utalitarian reach for emotion.

What does it mean to me to be an Experience Designer? It means living your life to the fullest. Remembering it. Analyzing it. And applying it to create experiences for others.
Here's a snippet of my life:

When I was a kid I put washing machine powder in the salt container. I was curious. Mom was not amused.

At 14 I hung out with the goth kids. I understood the meaning of the color black.

At 16 I visited Prague and bought my first vinyl. 8 years later I got my first record player.

I used to sword fight. Not the fencing type. The iron cast blade type of swordfighting.

I once entered Language Olympics. I didn't win but I made friends with amazing Role Playing Gamers.

I am inspired by:

The Art of Alex Grey.

Branson's business savvy.

Chihuly's organic glass forms.

The music of The Doors.

Theoretics of Quantum Physics.

Helping Scientists Get Their Groove Back


Unlike many other sciences Pharmacognosy stays true to the ideals of exploring the natural world. Like Robert Hooke and the first natural philosophers, Pharmacognocists know that the answers to many of our scientific questions lay in the 95% of the biome that has still not been studied. Despite their tiny size (only about 700 members in US) they have managed to change the 95% mortality rate of child leukemia cases, into 95% survivability. And yet their image is suffering and the amount of new scientists entering their ranks is dwindling. Given two main tasks:


We set off to work. First changing the name, making it easier to pronounce and more encompasing of all the sciences that fall under the Pharmacognosy spectrum. But we knew that the name change was dependent on member votes and some of the odler members were very attached to a name with an almost 200 year legacy. But they needed recruitment help and they needed it now. So we put our main focus in creating the Catalyst Innitiative. A system of lectures, expeditions and galleries purposefully set up to attract talent and promote the work of the American Society of Pharmacognosy, while keeping the public well informed about what discoveries were being made.

Our strategy: "Making the Invisible, Visible"

We first refreshed their website and created a microsite that hosted information relating to Catalyst Innitiative specifically.

Then we created an application for Graduate and Undergraduate Students as well as ASP members that would allow them to research jobs and grants, mentor and communicate, and offer a highly visual database.

Finally followed posters, gallery mockups and a mailer, which won us the pitch.






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