I believe that the best thing a Brand can offer is a feeling.

So I focus on working closely with multidisciplinary teams to find solutions to design and brand problems that are rooted in strategic insights, embrace creative concepts and while utalitarian reach for emotion.

What does it mean to me to be an Experience Designer? It means living your life to the fullest. Remembering it. Analyzing it. And applying it to create experiences for others.
Here's a snippet of my life:

When I was a kid I put washing machine powder in the salt container. I was curious. Mom was not amused.

At 14 I hung out with the goth kids. I understood the meaning of the color black.

At 16 I visited Prague and bought my first vinyl. 8 years later I got my first record player.

I used to sword fight. Not the fencing type. The iron cast blade type of swordfighting.

I once entered Language Olympics. I didn't win but I made friends with amazing Role Playing Gamers.

I am inspired by:

The Art of Alex Grey.

Branson's business savvy.

Chihuly's organic glass forms.

The music of The Doors.

Theoretics of Quantum Physics.

If A Dog Could Blog What Would He Tell You?


Dog owners, including myself, are utterly fascinated by their animal friends, creating personalities for them, putting clothes on them and attempting to track what their pets are doing when they are gone. My dog has been lucky enough to be raised around five little girls. So he has more than one person that tries to do all of those things. Ever since I moved away for Brandcenter every single conversation with the five started with "How is Borealis?", "I miss Borealis." or "What is Borealis doing right now?"

Chronicles of Borealis the Dog was my attempt at allowing them to track his adventures remotely and share them with their friends.


This is the result of my labors:


Months earlier I used a GoPro with the specialized dog harness to get some footage from our trecks in the woods. I learned then, that that system was highly unreliable; the harness did not fit well on his body, the footage was shakky when he run and the camera got bent back when he was walking through bushes.

I decided on a REI Dog Backpack with a Raspberry Pi system to solve those problems.

I used the RasPi Cam for its small size and image quality. To power the system on the move I attached a solar panel to the backpack that plugged into a Lithium Ion/Polymer Charger with a Lithium Ion Battery. This helped maximize the energy coming from the solar panel. The power coming from the panel and the battery can still be unstable and I needed a stable 5V to power up the Raspberry Pi. I used the Power Boost 500 coupled with a portable charger I once picked up in New York to fix that problem. All of this, I spread among the two pockets of the REI Dog Backpack.

LiI/Polymer Charger Hot Spot Lithium Ion Battery Power Boost500 Raspberry Pi

To finish it off, I installed the MJPG Streamer and NGROK on the Raspberry Pi to run the programs. I have written both of them into start up mode, so that I would not need to use a Monitor to get the programs going, but simply power up the Pi. This project won a First Time Autor Award on Instructables. Feel free to see the instructions I shared there.



Raspberry Pi
Field Testing