I believe that the best thing a Brand can offer is a feeling.

So I focus on working closely with multidisciplinary teams to find solutions to design and brand problems that are rooted in strategic insights, embrace creative concepts and while utalitarian reach for emotion.

What does it mean to me to be an Experience Designer? It means living your life to the fullest. Remembering it. Analyzing it. And applying it to create experiences for others.
Here's a snippet of my life:

When I was a kid I put washing machine powder in the salt container. I was curious. Mom was not amused.

At 14 I hung out with the goth kids. I understood the meaning of the color black.

At 16 I visited Prague and bought my first vinyl. 8 years later I got my first record player.

I used to sword fight. Not the fencing type. The iron cast blade type of swordfighting.

I once entered Language Olympics. I didn't win but I made friends with amazing Role Playing Gamers.

I am inspired by:

The Art of Alex Grey.

Branson's business savvy.

Chihuly's organic glass forms.

The music of The Doors.

Theoretics of Quantum Physics.

Protecting Your Gear No Matter Your Discipline


When we watched "To Stand Above The Clouds" Rex Pemberton's story really moved us. As the youngest Australian mountaineer he spent 5 years preparing and training for his 3 month climb of Mt. Everest. Several hours before reaching the peak he lost his goggles. As he was reaching the peak, his left eye froze open. Luckilly, he did not sustain any life long damage. But to our team it became clear just how important gear can be. People who depend on brands like Mountain Hardware, put their lives in their hands. So how could the brand give back and keep Adventures Amazing for people like Rex?


Light, sound and vibration notification.

RFID tags used are resistant to crushing, freezing and boiling.

Case made out of lightweight aerospace aluminium with a high tensile-strength clip.


We build our prototype using the Arduino Platform and Parallax Reader with a buzzer and an LED.



After Effects
Field Testing