I believe that the best thing a Brand can offer is a feeling.

So I focus on working closely with multidisciplinary teams to find solutions to design and brand problems that are rooted in strategic insights, embrace creative concepts and while utalitarian reach for emotion.

What does it mean to me to be an Experience Designer? It means living your life to the fullest. Remembering it. Analyzing it. And applying it to create experiences for others.
Here's a snippet of my life:

When I was a kid I put washing machine powder in the salt container. I was curious. Mom was not amused.

At 14 I hung out with the goth kids. I understood the meaning of the color black.

At 16 I visited Prague and bought my first vinyl. 8 years later I got my first record player.

I used to sword fight. Not the fencing type. The iron cast blade type of swordfighting.

I once entered Language Olympics. I didn't win but I made friends with amazing Role Playing Gamers.

I am inspired by:

The Art of Alex Grey.

Branson's business savvy.

Chihuly's organic glass forms.

The music of The Doors.

Theoretics of Quantum Physics.

Helping a team find it's true voice


The Washington Redskins, both the fans and the players, are an amazing breed. Stubborn, relentless, full of grit. They never seem to give up even if they keep on getting beaten down. And they have been beaten down a lot in recent years. Not just on the field, but off the field as well. After talking with many fans and following their opinions on social media we decided that our rebranding effort will focus on this feeling prevalent among all of the lovers of the brand.

We wanted this brand to stand for stubborness and resilience. Working through sweat and blood. Never giving up.


When you are rebranding a sports team, you can't just create an idea, you have to look for the idea among the fans and within the teams history. This is why we chose to call the team the D.C. Rebels, and give it an identity that is tough, while honoring it's roots and it's home (borrowing the stars and stripes from the DC flag).

The visual design is gritty and rough, because the Rebels are gritty and rough. Think dirt and war paint, sweat and blood.


The team’s new mascot pays tribute to a symbol Redskins fans will recognize: The Hog. The Hog embodies everything the Rebels value: strength, determination and sheer badassery.

A letter to the fans and a patch would be sent out in the mail, asking them to join our side. Then more promotional tools will roll out, with T-shirts, Hoodies, Bandanas, Hog Masks and Traditional Advertising.

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"...if this wasn't just a school project, this could f**king work..."

"...from the videos, to the logo, all of this is great..."

"...you outdid yourselves..."

"...this is insanely cool..."

"...I love it..."

"...Can we do this?..."


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