The Washington Redskins are an amazing breed. Stubborn, relentless, full of grit. They never seem to give up even if they keep on getting beaten down. And they have been beaten down a lot in recent years. Not just on the field, but off the field as well. We don't think that serves the team or the fans well. But we dont think this name change should be about bowing down to these accusations and off-field distractions. This is not about politics or divisions. This is about coming together as a team.
It's about stubborness and resilience. Working through sweat and blood. It's about the soul of the misfits and the rebels, those that never give up, those that rise above defeat. This is a rebellion we’re leading. A rebellion that will help us overcome every single thing standing in our path to victory.


And from that willful and unrully spirit, we created a new sort of brand.
A new name and attitude required a new look, so we created a logo that nods to the team’s history of gold and burgundy colors, while the flag honors the city it calls home– Washington DC.

The visual design is gritty and rough, because the Rebels are gritty and rough. Think dirt and war paint, sweat and blood.


The team’s new mascot pays tribute to a symbol Redskins fans will recognize: The Hog. The Hog embodies everything the Rebels value: strength, determination and sheer badassery.


A letter to the fans and a patch would be sent in the mail. Then more promotional tools will roll out, with T-shirts, Hoodies, Bandanas, Hog Masks and Traditional Advertising.


"...if this wasn't just a school project, this could f**king work..."

"...from the videos, to the logo, all of this is great..."

" outdid yourselves..."

"...this is insanely cool..."

"...I love it..."

"...Can we do this?..."


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