Billy Galanko Excellent memory
Brittany Tyler Quick-witted Shiba Inu loving / Crazy-efficient
Cecelia Parrish Extremely hard working and thorough / The data queen
Daniel Davis Fab and personable
Davis Gouldin A born leader
Elizabeth Gardiner HAPPY and entertaining
Elle Bass Unconventional, Driven, Smart, Perfectionist
Garrett Lyon Fun, Easy-Going, Gives the best hugs
Jake Hargadon Caring, Ball of fun, Calming
John Gaglio A great surprise in an unexpected box, SO smart, Great to work with
Kagan McSpadden Orderly, A dynamo of a virginia belle
Kate Sullivan Cultured North Carolinian, Motherly, Wise
Laura Waddell Rabideau Knowledgable/ Cheese, Chicken, and Bread loving Packaging Guru
Lauren Thompson Creative researched precision
Michael Grasewicz Smart and Hard Working
Molly Cihak Hard working, Determined, Thoughtful
Nicole Weaver Poised and nice
Tim Brown Quant Master, Great Beat Boxer
Yichi Zhang Lives to inspire
Albert Song Amazing illustrator, extremely focused
Alex Belgrave Hardworking Extremely Talented Insightful Chill
Blair Seward Quirky and fun to be around
Chris Chan Intensely Perfection Driven Idealist
David Spradlin Out of the box thinker
Elly Taura Small but mighty
Geoff Castillo Next Steve Jobs
Jeffrey Rozman Organized Unique
Jonathan Seales Best dressed
Josh Stolz Like Yoda on Dagoba
Katie Lee Sweet and approachable
Katie Willis Major wiggle worm
Kendra Gaines Hilarious, Talented lyricist
Kristie Pope Dependable Insightful Talent
Kyle Tellier Peculiar / Knows what he wants
Maureen Lockard Genuine, hearfelt, kind yet driven and hardworking
Rafael Goncalves Talented and Passionate, Sauve
Rob Stone Ball-of-Energy Talent
Rosalee Lewis Skilled Intelligent Unusual Well-rounded
Sarah Noel Ross Queen of the Smize
Brittain McNeel The queen of cool, hypercreative, patient, good listener, makes your ideas better
Thomas Hinkamp The most enthusiastic person/ Passionate/ Diverse design style
Zach Lepine Design wizard, fast
Emma Price Driven Kind and Hardworking
Ali Katz Unexpected Character, Precision of Insight
Amy McEwan Happy Psychologist
Andrea Chahin Big Personality
Data Oruwari Creatively Talented Teamplayer
Dylan Phillips Smooth, Insightful and Intuitive / Great musician
Emily Miller Kind Resiliance
Jessica Beck Excellent taste in music
John Foust More fun than an episode of Gundam / Better than Amuro
Joseph Carr Quirky and fun
Kerry O'Connor Squirrel girl!
Kevin Albrecht In-depth Teamplayer
Maggie McKenna It is exciting how excited she gets about Amtrak
Newman Granger Best ally, sticks up for his team, likes to inspire his creatives
Scott Beard Intuitive and passionate
Scott Roberts Driven and a go-getter / Deeper than what he seems
Sean Boutchard Creative and gut driven
Spencer Isaac Easygoing, chill ass motherfucker
Tulani Foy Big passion and conviction
Whitney Cavin Gentle and caring / magnificent voice and talented songwriter
Aldo Padilla Design Driven Perfectionist
Andy Holdeman Idea First Copywriter
Benjamin Maxwell Brillant and humble
Brittany Heit Wild Child Hard Core Moped Lover
David Hallmark Fun Bot to the Core
Duncan Hoge Simplest Solution Guru
Ewa Karweta Imaginative, talented, open-minded, tenacious, quick learner
Jeffrey Gottwald Patient and level headed
Joel Mazmanian Unexpected Combo of Skills
Justine Takacs Leader of Culture
Kathryn Stern Cute She Is, Offers She Lots
Kory Rozich Inquisitive, Personable Odd-ball
Melody Song Off the wall idea generator
Nelson Johnson Perceptive and Smart Gamer
Samson Desta Quietly Thoughtful
Sarah Pai Thoughtful, quirky, best person to go out to eat with
Allison Murphy Great thoughtful observational skills
Andrew Couch Relaxed and chill
Conor McCann Thoughtfully articulate
Curt Chapkowski Hungry, hard working, great to work with
Dorado Quick Passionate and profound, sensitive thinker
Elizabeth Daniel Intensely Smart / Conceptually Brave
Emma Dou The odd cookie you just got to know
James Feess Witty, Facebook-king
Jesse Stanton Quirky and one of a kind
Joseph Hartley One of a kind talent, out there, top 10 material ;)
Madeleine Trebenski Kitschy lover bear in hibernation
Melanie Matlock Deep, soulful and driven
Mike McGuire Up for anything, anytime
Neeruj Sethi Indian David Blane if David Blane was a stand-up comedian
Nick Gelbard The next Wes Anderson
Nick Robertson He knows at least a little bit about everything
Patrick Farrell Smooth, easy-going, talented
Patrick Girts Strong POV, great voice, the nicest pessimist around
Richard Beahm Hard working, the best self deprecating comedian
Ryan Niland Great 90s style, makes people laugh
Ryan Snyder Hilarious and Clever
SarahJohnston One of the sweetest girl’s at the BC / Fits in as one of the guys
Sue Attalah Sassy in the best way