I believe that the best thing a Brand can offer is a feeling.

So I focus on working closely with multidisciplinary teams to find solutions to design and brand problems that are rooted in strategic insights, embrace creative concepts and while utalitarian reach for emotion.

What does it mean to me to be an Experience Designer? It means living your life to the fullest. Remembering it. Analyzing it. And applying it to create experiences for others.
Here's a snippet of my life:

When I was a kid I put washing machine powder in the salt container. I was curious. Mom was not amused.

At 14 I hung out with the goth kids. I understood the meaning of the color black.

At 16 I visited Prague and bought my first vinyl. 8 years later I got my first record player.

I used to sword fight. Not the fencing type. The iron cast blade type of swordfighting.

I once entered Language Olympics. I didn't win but I made friends with amazing Role Playing Gamers.

I am inspired by:

The Art of Alex Grey.

Branson's business savvy.

Chihuly's organic glass forms.

The music of The Doors.

Theoretics of Quantum Physics.

Inspiring Students To Take A Chance On Dreams


The Entrepreneurship Institute at the Shenandoah University Byrd School of Business needed help promoting their yearly lecture series. They bring in fantastic speakers to help their students start new businesses. But what we realized is that a lot of them were feeling intimidated. The sheer amount of work that entrepreneurs accomplish made many people feel fearful and overwhelmed. Not an emotional state conducive to learning or risk taking.

So we decided to interview local businessmen, and dig up biographies and famous quotes of famous entrepreneurs. We found that their passions rarely focused on all the paperwork, plans and pitches. Instead they talked about the things that brought them joy, kept them curious. They focused on what they loved and kept putting one foot in front of the other daily.

From this we created a theme: " LISTEN. LOVE. DO. "


We created an interactive installation that used the voices of Byrd School of Business students, to motivate their peers to believe in their dreams and follow their passions. We grouped the quotes spoken by them into three groups, each group linked to one poster by its theme. LISTEN, LOVE or DO.

The project attracted 90% of the 300 students to join in the week long lecture series.


We used the Arduino platform to create triggers that would play the recordings our SU partners recorded of the students. We then built frames and stretched the canvases, and installed the entire piece in the main hall of the school to capture the attention of the entire student and faculty body.